Featured Work: Prompt Responses

One of our favorite classes at West Linn High School is Creative Writing. Creative Writing provides a space to explore various writing styles, experiment with different genres, improve your skills, as well as providing time to work on your own writing passion projects. The Creative Writing students are frequently asked to respond to the prompts we post on our Google Classroom (join the classroom with the code fxblev), so this week’s Feature Friday is showcasing some of our favorite prompt responses from this week.

This weeks prompt was:

Write at least a 10 line poem about encountering your worst fear…

These are some of our favorite responses:

Creeping Dust

Quiet Trust.

Loud Silence


May you be

a muted banshee.

Is it just?

Or just disgust?

Sit on your throne!

Overthrown and Alone


– Gwyneth Seward


flying nearly 10000 feet in the air,

my heart is pounding,

my hands are sweaty and gross.

i’m hyperventilating, suffocating.

this capsule of death is all i can remember.

airplanes suck.


i stay on the sand away from the water,

pure liquid death as far as the eye can see.

what lies beneath the surface?

i fear going near the ocean.


-Heather Maclaren


shaking, I was shaking

My hands were poised over the keys

but they weren’t moving

They refused to budged

“Write at least a 10 line poem”

“it will be easy”

but it wasn’t

people around me were discussing the prompt

but I just stood silent

I refused to type


-Ashley Matthews


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