Throwback Favorites: 2018 Edition

*Photo by Andrea Secchi

Last year we finally had a published edition of the Kaleidoscope after a several year hiatus. This week, we wanted to show off some of our favorite pieces that we featured in last years print. We’ve been considering regularly publishing work from past editions, so if that is something you’d like to see, please leave a comment down below!

Symphony by Abby Manley

You were the only poem that ever mattered.


Though I could write a symphony of words,

And make magic with my pen,

the only words that would mean anything, are the words you gave me.


I can’t help but recreate you onto pages;

I’ll never share.

Or fall in love with you all over again;

In poems,

I’ll never write.


You will always be the song I’ll never forget,

The missing pieces;

To my puzzle,

And the perfect poem:

I can never write.


Car Ride by Taryn Pittman 

It’s like taking the back seat

To my own life

Why does the world

Without me?

When I slow down it stays


I am just another person

Out of the billions of others

Are my feelings valid

When others are feeling too?

Are my struggles real?

When others are struggling more?

Do I have room to complain

When there are wars raging?

When the promise of a peaceful society

Is tainted by the threats of

Nuclear war?

What is there for me to do?

When I am just one in seven billion?

The world isn’t slowing down.

It is constant.

So I watch.

I am taking the back seat to my own life.


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