The Kaleidoscope is waiting to publish your work! If you are looking to submit, please read the guidelines below to make sure your work fits the Kaleidoscope criteria.

How can I submit?

On Google Classroom with code:


What can I submit?

  • Writing of All Types
    • Poetry
    • Short Stories (3-4 pages max)
    • Monologues
    • Song Lyrics
  • Artwork of All Types
    • Photography
    • Pictures of artwork (drawings, clay, etc.)

On each of your submissions, please make sure to include a cover page with:

  • Your full name and grade (9-12)
  • Your school email
  • Genre (written submissions) or Medium (visual submissions)

Please limit your written pieces to:  3-4 pages
Please make sure your pieces include:

  • PG-13 language (up to the discrimination of student editor)
  • Fictional names and situations
  • Exclusion of any illegal activities, such as drugs, drinking, smoking, etc. (a.k.a. nothing you could be held liable for)
  • Exclusion of extreme violence and sexual content

***Please note:

  • We will not publish anonymous works.
  • You may submit as many pieces as you like in any medium, but we can’t guarantee that everything you submit will be published.
  • Anything you submit to the Kaleidoscope has the potential of being published… so, be aware of the personal information or insights you include in your writing/art. Don’t submit a piece that would make you feel uncomfortable if published.
  • All submissions must have a title.
  • Finally, the Kaleidoscope reserves the right to publish according to the evaluation of the editorial panel, based on predetermined standards.

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